Cod products
Frozen at sea

–  N-cut, collarbone on (most common)
– Jap. Cut, collarbone off
Sizes: – 1 kg, 1-2,5 kg, 2,5-4 kg (trawl), 2,5-5 kg (LL), 5 kg +, 7 kg +
Other size grading can be arranged according to buyers request
Packing: Frozen in vertical blocks, and packed in superbags (standard) or in cartons with inner polybags. Random weight blocks: 1/2 blocks approx. 20-25 kg for smaller sizes , 1/1 blocks approx. 45-50 kg for  the bigger sizes of cod.
Catching method: Longline, trawl, seine net/Danish seine, gillnet

Fillets (on request)
Skin on, pbi
Skinless, pbi
Sizes: 3-5 oz, 5-8 oz, 8-16 oz, 16-32 oz, 32 oz +
Packing: 3×6,81 kg (3×15 lbs) 20,43 kg (45 lbs) per mastercarton
Catching method: Longline, trawl