Saithe (Pollachius virens)

Saithe (Coley) is both a pelagic and demersal fish, living at depths of between 0 and 300 metres. It swims in shoals, which can be enormous in good habitants with plenty of food.
The saithe found in Norwegian waters is usually divided into two groups, 62°N making the line between them.
Saithe spawn along the coastal banks from the Lofoten Islands  in the north and south to the North Sea.
Fishing mehods are bottom trawling, Danish seining (seine net), purse seining, gilnetting and handlining.
Saithe is an important commercial specie in Norway, and is caught all year round. It is sold fresh, frozen, filleted, dried and salted (Klipfish). Roe is a by-product of saithe processing.
Saithe is a good source of protein It is also rich in vitamin B12 and selenium and has a healty balance of sodium and potassium. Selenium is a necessary component in many of the body’s chemical
reactions and is also necessary for maintaining the fluid balance in the body.