Redfish Sebastes marinus and sebastes mentella
There are two main commercial species of redfish in North Atlantic waters: the common redfish (Sebastes marinus) and deep-sea redfish (Sebastes mentella).
Redfish is found along the edge of the continental slope, mainly at depths of 100 to 500 metres. In the Norwegian Sea and the Arctic Ocean redfish is pelagic and live in large stocks.
The common redfish migrates in the summer. Fully matured redfish has its feeding grounds in the Barents Sea. In the winter they they migrate south to their spawning grounds off the Vesterålen archipelago.
The largest catches of redfish are taken by trawlers in the north of Norway. Secondary catches of redfish are made all year in most of the Norwegian economic zone and in the zone around Svalbard. Strict regulations are necessary in order to replenish vulnerable stocks.
Fishing methods: Trawl, Danish seine, gillnet, longline
In Irminger Sea some Norwegian and Faroes trawlers, among trawlers from other nations, are catching deep-sea redfish, mainly in the periode May-August.
Redfish is a tasty food fish with oily meat and is sold fresh or frozen.
The fat contains may vary  somewhat but is usually around 3%. Of this approximately 1 gram of omega-3 fatty acids per 100 g fillet. Furthermore it is rich in protein.