Snowcrab (Chionoecetes opilio)

Snowcrab prefer watertemperature below 3°C, while depth depends on time of year. It can be found on Depths from 20-1.200 meters, but mostly between 70-280 m, on various types of bottom – sand, mud and rock bottom in the North Atlantic and North Pacific. The species was first described in 1780. First registration of snowcrab in the Barents Sea was made in 1996.   Snow crab grows slowly, but have a very high reproductive potential. Females are fertilized late winter/early spring and carries the roe until close before next fertilization. The eggs are then usually laid in very deep areas of the ocean.
Snowcrab range in color from brown to light red on top and from yellow to white on the bottom. The meat has delicate texture  with a sweet flavour.
Snowcrab is caught by traps/pots.